Examples of our Quality work:

stonemarkerHere is a stone that is the property corner, it was about 2’ deep, notice the 5” diameter tree root that we cut through in order to take a measurement to it. This is the common corner to 3 properties, two which had been surveyed within the last 20 years.Neither one of those surveys referred found this stone. We were the first to find it since 1936.

pincushionExample of “Pin Cushion Corner” or “Porcupine Corner”Here are 4 property markers all supposedly marking the same property corner.Which is correct? That is the question and the only way to determine that is through surveying” As a home owner one needs to be careful when finding a marker and using it without having it verified by a licensed surveyor. As a surveyor one needs to be even more careful. Any markers set based on the wrong marker will be wrong. This is why there are more wrong property corners then correct ones; most survey companies cut costs by not taking the time needed to either search for the correct marker or verify the markers they start from. At Dietz we take the time needed to do the job right!