Dietz Surveying has acquired the following company files:

Gerhold Cross and Etzel (GCE Limited, LLC)  is now located at our office. The old phone number was 410-823-4470 please use our current number 410-661-3160 moving forward.
E. F. Raphel
Leo and Richard Rader
William Doyle
Frank Lee
J. Milt Green
Bill Ulrich
Dollenberg Brothers
Raymond Holland
*Please note we do not release or provide copies of our surveys or survey records.
We provide Surveying Servicing for Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Howard County, Harford County
Not all property markers are correctabove is an example of one that was wrong by 4 feet! (until we corrected it)

Don’t let this happen to you call
Dietz TODAY! 410-661-3160

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Member of the Maryland Society of Surveyors.

Chairman of the Howard County Chapter of the Maryland Society of Surveyors.

Dietz clearly performed the better survey for these reasons:

• They performed more research

• They found the missing marker

• They followed the intent of the deed

Judge Lawrence Daniels

Baltimore County Circuit Court