Site Plan

A Site Plan is a plan required by a municipality in order to obtain a building permit. It normally shows the existing conditions property lines, utilities, as well as and the proposed development.

All of the County’s requirements (Zoning, Environmental, Well, Septic, etc.) need to be shown as being in compliance with such regulations.

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Plans must be blue or black ink prints on a white background and a minimum size of 18″ x 18″ with a x18″ blank border on the right hand side for approval stamps and office notes.

All site plans must show the following information:
– The official address of the lot
– The name and address of the owner
– The property lines and dimensions of the lot
– The names and widths of streets and alleys surrounding the lot
– The distance between the lot and the nearest intersecting street or alley
– The location and size of all existing structures and dimensions of proposed improvements
– The type of construction and use of all buildings shown
– The width and location of all proposed and/or existing curb cuts and driveways
– The scale of the plans
– The North Arrow

Site plans may be required to show the following:
– The height of all existing and proposed structures
– The location, size and height of all existing buildings within 10′ of the lot
– The topography of the lot
– Critical area boundary or floodplain lines if applicable.

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