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Landscape Architects, Architects and Landscapers:

Ask Yourself A Few Critical Questions About Surveys.

Here are a few examples of how important particular surveys are and how they can solve issues before they become problems…

  • Did you know that a Boundary Survey will establish property lines so you don’t place a new structure, a fence, or landscaping on the neighbor’s property –– or over the Building Setback Lines? This knowledge up front can save you and your client 3 to 4 weeks in delays at the time of construction or permitting, which can consequently affect each of your subcontractor’s schedules. It can also save you thousands of dollars from nothaving to move a garage or another structure after you’ve erected it. We’re Leaders In Boundary Dispute Surveys.
  • Did you realize that GIS Topographic Maps are up to 10 years old and have an accuracy of plus or minus 10 feet? That’s why having a current field run Topographic Survey to begin with will make your designs more accurate, will make your project move along quicker, and will eliminate additional unforeseen and costly design changes such as retaining walls or excessive dirt removal. One Topographic Survey saved my client over $30,000 in additional design fees and dirt removal.
  • Or did you ever think that a site plan for a waterfront or water view property has a whole slew of additional environmental requirements that need to be addressed before a permit is issued? Again, a Topographic Survey will address those issues and allow your permit to be issued quicker, eradicating problems and delays later on.

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